Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Apple Center Favs!

 Just sharing a couple of our favorite 
"Apple Centers".  
"Eat An Apple" Poem from Deanna Jump
is a must for every Kindergarten Classroom!

We can't get enough of
"Kindergarten With Susie"
HAPPY poems.  We do them all year long!
I just LOVE fall time! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Secret Password

 When "Bonnie Kathryn Teaching" shares a post on her facebook page with a picture from your classroom...ya better blog about it again...right!?!

This is a picture of my "Secret Password" that is outside my classroom door this school year.  IN LOVE!
In the past...I would change the picture to go with one of the themes that I was teaching each month.  Beginning teacher ~ who stayed at school way to much.  HA!  
This is the "Secret Password" when my classroom was a camping theme for the year.  The password was on marshmallows!

Let me tell you a little about the
"Secret Password"...

This is a great way to reinforce concepts being learned in the classroom.
Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Letters, Sight Words, etc.
You can differentiate too...Some students will tell you the sight word, spell the sight word, &/or use it in a sentence.

You will make a personal connection for the start of the day with each child.
How great is that!?!?  

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pete The Cat Tour!

We had the BEST first 2 days of school this week.  The kids had SO much FUN!  I am SO proud of how well they are behaving and learning all the rules of the classroom and the school. 
The students always LOVE our “Pete the Cat School Tour!”  I'm always super surprised how many of them TRULY believe that we'll find Pete the Cat.   

Look at those SMILES!

Tricky part is trying to get the "TREAT" into the classroom while you are gone! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Super Hero Fluency Cards

We have had many questions about our "Superhero Fluency Cards" that we use in our "Book Buckets."  So we thought we would share with you! 

We have an important role as an educator to build confidence in our students when they are learning to read.  After-all, fluency is an important component of reading instruction, and it starts in Kindergarten!  
Repeated reading has proven to be one of the best strategies for developing reading fluency.  Many times, due to time constraints, educators cannot “fit in” as many fluency activities as they would like to during their day. This is where our Superhero Fluency Unit will help support you!
These are the "Book Buckets" that we use in our classroom.
Soon there will also be leveled reading books to read too! 
When do we use the “Superhero Fluency” Unit?  Well, first of all, we place the cards on a ring and store them in each students' book box.  Then the possibilities are endless, but here are just a few ways we have used them over the years. This unit can be utilized during...
Read To Self Time
Rest & Read Time
Quiet Time
A classroom volunteer's visit 
These are some of the reading tools that we add into the "Book Buckets."  We like to encourage our students to point to the words when they are reading.  The students LOVE to read to the principal and the president!  Pointers make EVERYTHING more FUN!!
Fluency cards include...Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers 1 - 10, Numbers 1 - 20, Colors, Color Words, Shapes, Number Words, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Digraphs, Count by 2's, Count by 5's, Count by 10's.
We want to GIVE IT AWAY to a lucky teacher!
Please leave a comment below with your e-mail address.  We will pick a winner on Sunday!   

Thursday, August 11, 2016


THANKS BUNCHES for checking out our classroom.
We are going to have a FABULOUS year learning in here!
"Secret Password" is a great way to greet the precious kiddos each morning and review concepts learned in the classroom.

The door name tags are INSPIRED by Little Lucky Learners Blog!

Such a GREAT learning tool to use in your classroom.
 THANK YOU Mrs. Maya's Blog!
This is going to be a FUN spot to READ & WRITE in our classroom!
Wall Frieze letters for our Word Wall. 
When the students are finished writing in their journals, this anchor chart helps to keep track of who is "READY TO SHARE" and " I HAVE SHARED" in the classroom. 
            Get your FREEBIE by clicking CLICKING RIGHT HERE!
This unit has so many poems to use during the school year.
 LOVE "Clever Student" to introduce our poems to the kiddos!
CLICK RIGHT HERE  to get a copy for your classroom. 
Do you see what I see!?!
The words are not centered!
I pictured "My Underwear" poem because it is my kiddos favorite.
Check out the alphabet poems by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

We got new reading lofts for our kindergarten classrooms this year.
I can't wait to let my kinder kids EXPLORE, LEARN, & have FUN!
Love First. Teach Second.  ~ Top Dog Teaching
and makes your learning environment FUN!

Miss Neuenschwander, co-blog author...presenting buddy...true friend, created this bulletin board a couple years ago.  The students LOVE it and so do I !   

Have an AMAZING school year! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grab That...Learning Fun

My son, Cayden, went to a friends house and all he could talk about when he got home was this toy called, "The Claw" that he played with.   We can never go into Wal~mart without Cayden asking for a dollar to play THAT MACHINE!
I am sure that I am not the only mom who has this situation....so I did what any teacher would do....and I had to have that toy for my classroom! 
First, I tried my "Vowel Tub Items" in The Claw machine....and they did not work.  
Then, I tried "Teddy Bear Counters"...and they did not work! 
Finally, I tried "Vending Machine Capsules"...and it worked!

Doesn't every teacher have "Vending Machine Capsules" stored in their closet!?!
I bought them about 5 years ago for another activity that I had planned in the classroom.  Good thing the set came with like a 1000 capsules.  HA!
At the beginning of the school year my students will win a capsule, open it up, and tell the class what letter or number it is.

The possibilities of learning fun all year long is endless...

  • Win 1 capsule and say a word that begins or ends with that letter sound
  • Win 1 capsule and say the sight word
  • Win 1 capsule and count on from that number
  • Win 1 capsule and write about it
  • Win 2 capsules and see if they make a rhyme
  • Win 2 capsules and add the numbers together
If you have extra money in your budget...this would be a fun learning experience for your students!   

*Warning* This Claw Machine does make noise while in use!